what do we do?


We use cash donations to cover shipping costs as well as to buy food or medicines that are shipped from Colombia to Venezuela. We make sure to receive proof that the items arrived to those who needed them from our volunteers in Venezuela.

Receiving for Shipping

We are able to receive lightweight physical supplies such as personal hygiene products, vitamins, over-the-counter medication, and dietary supplements (i.e., Pediasure) at this address 1458 Garfield Ave NW Grand Rapids MI 49504


We ask the Lord in prayer for His provision and we trust that He will protect the shipping and secure their arrival to those who need it.


Who are we, and how can you help us?
Note: When it says that "minimum wage does not go over $5" we mean monthly, not hourly.


Our mission is to provide help with food and medical supplies to as many people as we can. Our desire is that they see the hand of the Lord providing according to their needs, and glorify the Father that is in heaven.


Our vision is that more people join our cause and be encouraged to pray, help, and donate to Venezuela.